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Free Roaming Defects- Rosie meets Danny :iconrosiepie15:rosiepie15 1 0 Cotton Candy- Prideful Pansexual :iconrosiepie15:rosiepie15 5 4 Non-fandom pridesona- Candy the Pan/Bi :iconrosiepie15:rosiepie15 7 0 Mlp outline- Edgey unicorn oc :iconrosiepie15:rosiepie15 2 0
Beyond Heaven's Point- Prologue
This is Heaven's Point.
A place where the young souls from around the world go and rest in peace.
A place full of children, teens, babies, everyone who is young. (Especially animals!)
Although, there are some rare adults who have the heart of a child.
Our story is about a little angel named Tenshi Amai, who died at the age of 13 from a train accident.
She's sweet, energetic, tiny, and very protective. She is a messenger of the Heaven's above and The point, Heaven's Point.
One day, the almighty queen angel, Tenshi Corona, herself, invited Amai to her silver castel for something important.
In the castle was a million hallways of the records of human history, armor from Knights and warriors who have fought in many battles and wars, and the room that held the core of it all: The main core room.
Millions of gaurds were guarding everything: the rooms, the master bedroom, even the main core room.
Tenshi Corona asked the gaurds to move in order for them to get in. They were allowed in, wit
:iconrosiepie15:rosiepie15 0 0
Max- Hugs for Chucky :iconrosiepie15:rosiepie15 3 0 First fusing- Handy X Bandy :iconrosiepie15:rosiepie15 5 0 Steven Universe AU oc's- Hugging a pearl :iconrosiepie15:rosiepie15 2 0 Steven Universe AU oc- Deschutes Jasper :iconrosiepie15:rosiepie15 6 2 Free Roaming Defects- Moonlight chat :iconrosiepie15:rosiepie15 6 0 LovesickVerse- Tsuka Koneko portrait :iconrosiepie15:rosiepie15 3 0 Steven Universe AU oc- Rose de France Amethyst :iconrosiepie15:rosiepie15 6 0 Yandere simulator- Osana Najimi X Haruto Yato :iconrosiepie15:rosiepie15 5 0 Yandere simulator- Amai Odayaka X Geiju Tsuka :iconrosiepie15:rosiepie15 4 0 Mlp shipping- Pipsqueak X Button Mash :iconrosiepie15:rosiepie15 6 7 Max and Jannette- Happy Easter! :iconrosiepie15:rosiepie15 3 0


Cailini ag rith Base :iconslaughterdisturbance:SlaughterDisturbance 59 11 chibi base redo :iconrainfall-bases:Rainfall-Bases 71 3 CLOSED PIXEL YCH AUCTION :icontokyo-daze:Tokyo-DAZE 65 105 Cake is good. :iconqueenofbees:QueenofBees 70 14 Free-to-use chibi base :iconx-orange-fireworks-x:x-Orange-Fireworks-x 461 38 Chibi Base 4 :iconpartybases:PartyBases 689 74 Chibi Base 7 :iconpartybases:PartyBases 714 78 Chibi Base 11 :iconpartybases:PartyBases 945 141 Chibi Base 14 :iconpartybases:PartyBases 1,115 267 High-five -Base- :iconasta9:Asta9 1,406 193 Base 04: get off me :iconpixel--twins:Pixel--Twins 1,900 126 Cactipum Base - P2U :iconblushbun:blushbun 345 64 hug -base- :iconafri-chan:afri-chan 3,953 881 Chibi Couple YCH [CLOSED] [SET PRICE] :iconxangelfeatherx:XAngelFeatherX 131 12 Merengue reference :iconpuffellie:puffellie 198 104


Free Roaming Defects- Rosie meets Danny
It was a little while ago that they first met. Bismuth and his...wife, Black and White Banded Agate, we're taking their official daughter up to meet some of their friends, the Free Roaming Defects.
As they got to their destination, Jade and the rest of the girls were excited to hear that Bismuth and Agate finally got together, even if Agate still hates Bismuth sometimes.
They all greeted the couple into their home, with Rosie hiding behind her mother for protection.
(Handy) Bismuth: Hello, girls! How are ALL of you today?
Jade: We're doing just GREAT! We were just about to find out how to use that old thing we never used for anything except for displaying things. *points towards an old grill*
Bismuth: Well, you girls are finally gonna put some good use into it, huh?
Jade: Mm, hmm! Watermelon Tourmaline was gonna do it, but she's just too scared to do it!
Watermelon: Just call me Tammy, Jade! I know that I AM a Watermelon Tourmaline, but I'm half human with a human name!
Jade: Sorry...I just keep forgetting...
Watermelon: Just call me Tammy, okay?
Jade: Alright, Tammy...anyway, what brings you here on this beautiful evening?
Agate: Well, I guess I'LL show you...*steps to the side to show Rosie* She's a Rose de France Amethyst, but we call her Rosie for short.
Everyone dropped their jaws to the floor, finding another defect join their side.
Bismuth: ...Well, I guess we could just leave you girls with our Rosie! Bye, Rosie!
Rosie: Bye, dad!
As her parents leave, the gems got all over her. (Except for Danny...)
Jade: Oh, she looks beautiful!
Tammy: A really cute gem, I must say!
Zoisite: *elbows her girlfriend in the side* Honey!
Tammy: Ow! Babe, I'm just complimenting her! *kisses her girlfriend on the cheek* I still love you.
Zoisite: I know...*Kisses her back*
Lapis: Aw! She DOES look pretty! I've never seen an Amethyst like you before!
Peridot: Lapis, be careful! You don't know if she's a spy or not!
Rosie: Why would I be?
Blue Zircon: I really like her outfit! It's very formal and pretty! Wanna trade dresses?
Rosie: No, thanks...I'm good...
Jade: *Grabs Zircon by the hand, pulling her away from Rosie* Come on, don't have to fangirl over EVERY dress you see...
Zircon: But it's so pretty!
Pink Danburite: Blue Zircon, calm down...
Rosie looked at the short, Pink gem standing right in front of her. She was the most beautiful gem she's ever seen.
Rosie: Excuse me, um...
Danny: Pink Danburite, at your service, Amethyst.
Rosie looked at the gem curtsy in front of her. Danny then looked behind her at the nightmare going on behind her.
Danny: Excuse my friend, Blue Zircon...she's annoying, I know...anyway, how are you on this wonderful evening, my lady?
Rosie: don't HAVE to be all fancy around me, you know...
Jade: *Pushing away Zircon some more* It's just what she does! *towards Zircon* BLUE ZIRCON, GET IN THE ROOM NOW!
Zircon: But the...
Tammy and Zoisite: We got this! *they help Jade by pulling Zircon by the legs into their room, just to lock it behind them*
Jade: ...well, that was probably the most intense Zircon's EVER been...anyway, it's great to hear that more gems have come to live *Waves a hand in front of her face*
Rosie couldn't keep her eyes off of Danny. She was so perfect.
Jade: *looks back and forth from Rosie to Danny and back again* Oh, I see what's going on here! You like Danny, don't ya?
Rosie: ...*blushes an intense shade of purple* I don't know what you're talking about...
Jade: Oh, come on! You're giving her "the stare"!
Rosie: What's "the stare"?
Tammy: It's when you find someone who you know you'll love and you never have them leave your sight...
Zoisite: Just like us!
Tammy: Exactly! *Kisses her girlfriend a couple of times*
Rosie: Also...who's Danny?
Jade: Pink Danburite...the girl you were just talking to...
Rosie: Oh...why call her that?
Jade: It's a little thing we like to call a "Nickname" on this planet. It's easier to remember some people if you give them a nickname.
Rosie: Oh...I see...
Creator's notes:

Aw! A little crush for Rosie! It's pretty cute! :)
But...oh god...why am I so bad at drawing?! WHY?! :(

If you have any critiques that you have about this, go ahead and say it! I'll accept critique as long as it helps me improve on my art! :)

The Free Roaming Defects are (kinda) here:…

Pink Danburite is here:…

Rose de France Amethyst is here:…

The characters belong to me.

The art belongs to me.
Hope ya like it! :3
A little angel oc I made.
Her name is Tenshi Amai. (Angels, to me, usually start their names with Tenshi after they die, since it means angel in Japanese)
Her native language is Japanese, but she can speak other languages, like English, French, and Chinese pretty fluently, too.
If you're wondering why she's an angel, I'm making a story called "Beyond Heaven's Point", where it's a universe of Angel's living in peace in a place just below Heaven, yet not TOO far from it.
The gem on her neck is a part of a choker she's wearing, which is (Sorry if it's not obvious!) an Angel Aura Quartz.
She's a messenger of both Heaven and Heaven's point, so she could fly to any place she needs to be.
Her appearance was inspired by Flurry Heart from MLP:FIM, who I don't exactly like, but also don't hate, either.
You can draw her for requests, collabs, commissions, art trades, ect. You can also draw her for fanart, too.
Hope ya like her! :3
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I'm a Pansexual that really loves animations, cartoons, LGBT stuff, Steven Universe, MLP:FiM, anime and manga! :3

The rules for my are here:…

I will also accept any critique you have because I believe that anyone can improve, even if they don't WANT to improve.

things about me:
I have autism, anxiety, and OCD (kinda).


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